Give working parents a break.

It makes me sad that, in this day and age, so many of us working parents (usually mothers, in my experience) feel they need to hide times when they have to prioritize their kids over work.

Those times when their kid is sick, or they have to collect them from dance class or football practice, or when they need to sit in the car in the school pick up line as the little people dawdle out at the speed of snails, but the business meeting was urgent.

Just because we have children does not make any working parent any less professional. From my experience, many working parents are extra conscientious because they want to show up as their best selves both as a parent and as an employee, and many are career ambitious despite having children. Our split focus only means we have other things in our lives that also need our attention.

We need to start seeing working parents as the rock stars they are for balancing so many completing priorities and still delivering over and above on their work priorities. Whether they work form their cars in the school drop off line or not.

Now, as my two- and four-year-old run at my feet on a Friday evening, I’m asking myself, where is the wine? It’s been a week and a half; I can tell you.

To all working parents out there, I see you, you rock.

Organizational Psychologist, Career Coach, and Author. Helping you love to work.

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Let’s Love to Work

Let’s Love to Work

Organizational Psychologist, Career Coach, and Author. Helping you love to work.

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