Jobs You’ll Love in Retirement

We all look to retirement as our chance to finally relax and unwind with limitless freetime. For some retirees, however, limitless freetime is just about the dullest thing imaginable. When you’ve spent your whole life happily on the go, standing still can be stifling. That’s why many retirees wind up finding some kind of part-time job a year or two into retirement.

If you’re looking for a way to stay busy — not to mention, bring in some extra income — search for something you’ll really love. Consider pickiness your retirement privilege. Gone are the days of snagging any old job or climbing a ladder: It’s time to thrive. Here are a few ideas for jobs that retirees will enjoy.

Freelance Work

Want to set your own hours, choose your workload, and work wherever you want? Consider freelancing. As Boomer Benefits explains, contract employees have complete control over their schedules, making it a great fit for retirees. You can increase your workload if you have lots of time, or lower it if you’d like to take a trip or just have a break. Moreover, retirees with a long, fruitful career can get big returns on freelance. Experience is highly valued in the freelance market, so you’ll stand out among the competition.

You can search job boards to find freelance work in your field, or you can explore new opportunities. If you’ve always wanted to write, for example, there are lots of jobs available for entry-level writers. Contract work is a great way to dip your toe into different fields and see what interests you.


If you have a craft hobby you adore, why not make money off of it? There’s a huge market for selling handmade goods online, especially if you’re willing to customize. People like to know their money is going directly to the maker, so creating a shop through your own website or an online marketplace like Etsy can be very profitable. Make sure to personalize your “About” section so buyers get a sense for who they’re supporting.

Keep careful tabs on your supply expenses and work time to make sure you’re pricing your items appropriately. It may take some trial and error to find a price people are willing to pay for the items you’re producing — don’t be afraid to play with price points to find a good balance. Another great way to get a sense for what you should charge is to visit local craft markets and look at similar items. See what sells and what doesn’t, and use that as a jumping off point for your own shop.


Are you an expert in your field? If so, What’s Next says retirement could be your opportunity to pass on knowledge. You could get a role teaching at a local school, or offer up your services as an occasional instructor for local business. For example, if you spent your career learning how to handle tricky HR situations, offer to lead an instructional HR class for local businesses. Even a small fee per attendant can add up if you market the class properly. Look closely at your skill set to figure out what you can offer to others.

Volunteer Work

If income isn’t a big concern for you, you can also fill your retirement with volunteer work. Seniors get a ton of benefits from volunteering, not to mention the impact you’ll have on your community. Skilled volunteers are particularly valuable, and even small actions can make a big difference. It can be extremely satisfying to use the skills you’ve developed over your career to boost an organization in need. Offer your services up to causes you’re passionate about and see what kind of a difference you can make!

If you don’t want your retirement to look like hours spent lounging on a beach, it doesn’t have to. The great thing about this stage is that you get to define what you do. Your dream retirement may be just as busy and jam-packed as every day leading up to it. Give yourself permission to live your golden years whatever way feels best.

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